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Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10

I just got a new laptop, a Sony Vaio Z and installed Ubuntu 8.04 but the x32 image has problem detecting wireless and lan connections. So, I decided to download the alpha version of 8.10 Intrepid Ibex this version recognizes my wireless on installation. I found from another blog that if I installed the x32 image, Ubuntu would not detect my 4GB of ram. This is indeed true, so I am running the x64 image and I get 4GB of ram detected. The sony vaio Z series comes with a new processor: P8400, and has the option of switching between two modes: stamina and speed mode. Until now, I haven't really played with this new feature, but that could be useful for instance if you don't need to use your laptop will full graphic performance. With this feature, it is possible to switch between the NVIDA or the Intel graphics. I am testing Intrepid 8.10, and I am experiencing some problems: 1. laptop fails to reboot. 2. hard disk making a tick sound very often. These two problems have already be