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I have been learning vi for the last few months, and in an effort to use it more, I have installed Vimperator on Firefox. It is basically an add-ons that can be installed on Firefox and what it does it that lets you browse a page using vi commands. It is pretty nice, it allows me to browse a page without using the mouse. It gets very addictive actually because you come to a certain point where you even *feel lazy* to grab the mouse to browse the page.... Well, feeling lazy is a bit of an exaggeration... It's more than sometimes I am in the mood to use the mouse, sometimes I would rather keep my fingers on the keyboard. Anyhow, it doesn't work well all the time though... But here is a command I found very useful for copying and pasting 1. / to search for something 2. i to enter carret mode 3. v to enter visual mode 4. move by j,k to select the text 5. y to yank the text 6. ctrl-v to paste later on... that's it !

Android without sim card

Here's how I managed to use android without a sim card: Credits goes to this person: Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. You should be able to see a listing for your device if you run adb devices . Then execute the following commands. $ adb shell $ su $ cd /data/data/ $ sqlite3 settings.db INSERT INTO system (name, value) VALUES ('device_provisioned', 1); .exit $ reboot After reboot: $ adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n