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Talking to BlueSMiRF RP-SMA Bluetooth with Putty

These are notes on how to talk to the BlueSmirf bluetooth chip. I am trying to talk to a bluetooth chip from my ubuntu box. I have Putty installed, and a Serial to USB cable connected to a FT232R Breakout board. This board is then connected to the bluetooth chip by crossing Tx and Rx pins. The following hardware is used: FT232R Breakout Board BlueSmirf bluetooth I am writing this post because I struggled for about an hour on how to talk to the chip with putty. The solution ended up to be simple. Load putty with baud rate 115200, 8N1. Remember to use 115200, otherwise it will not work. Have I had followed the documentation closely, I would have been able to talk to the bluetooth chip in 5 minutes.

Open Source Solution for multiple mobile platforms

This article is really interesting. Basically, why would we want to invest the time into learning how to code on a specific mobile platform if we could learn how to do it on a generic platform? Read the article: Open Source Solution for multiple mobile platforms