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Grub2 in ubuntu karmic

This is a good thread on info about the new grub in karmic

remove all *~ files with one command

This one handles files with white spaces: find . -name "*~" -type f -print0|xargs -0 rm

Just learned about rsync

I just learned about the rsync command which is amazingly useful. I have been using scp to copy folders from one machine at home to a machine in the lab back and forth and so far it's been good, and dead simple, but always involved extra work like making moving directories around. Now that I learned rsync, I can simply back up my work from the lab to my machine and vice versa using a simple command. Here is the command I use: rsync --delete -ravuzn -delete-excluded --exclude=*~ --rsh=ssh ~/work/ and then, (notice I remove the n flag) rsync --delete -ravuz -delete-excluded --exclude=*~ --rsh=ssh ~/work/ so what does this command do: flags: --delete: if I have removed files from my local computer, they are also deleted on the server r: recursively go through the folders and subfolders a: archive v: verbose mode u: update z: compress files --delete-excluded: deletes excluded files passed as parameter (next flag) --exclu