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Heroku setup for webpack

I'm looking into webpack for react and trying to setup a small project on heroku: Here's a tutorial I want to follow: Another well explained tutorial: and a bootstrap project:

React.js tutorial code on github

I've been watching and following a few tutorials about React.js during my free time, mostly for fun and also for work and I thought that I would share the code of the examples, since they are pretty much self-explanatory and might be good examples to bootstrap new projects, i.e.: react-router and reflex examples... It's also easier for me to track changes so here you go, .

HTML5 Dev Conf 2015 - San Francisco

I attended the first day of the conference this year. I didn't take that much notes but here it is in case your interested: Design and Performance by Steve Souders Slides at: - May be useful to do prototyping early instead of just getting mock ups from UX - W3C Web timing specs      Navigation Timing           overall page metrics: performance.timing, now()      Resource Timing           individual HTTP requests                performance.getEntries()      User Timing           performance.mark, performance.measure - Example about image display time to load      add performance.measure in two places and take the max(): one on the image unload attribute and the other one at the bottom of the page. Michael Jackson - React Router dev contributor MustacheJS @reactjstraining -> interesting start to get involved in some open source projects... Checkout: react-art rea

Fitbit API !

I recently bought a Fitbit scale and spent a few hours trying their APIs. At the same time, I decided to open source the code I wrote. It's basically a Fitbit client library to talk to Fitbit. Github repo of Fitbit-node It's still a work in progress but the library is available as of now. It's not a lot of code and I am using npm package: OAuth. When I get a chance, I'm going to add an example on how to use it.

ReactJS Conference Jan 28-29 at Facebook

I hadn't a chance to go to this Conference. It was at FB headquarters. Instead, I watched a few videos of the conference they posted online: The keynote is pretty interesting. Tom Occhino talks about the history of React and how it was first introduced.