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async promises in a sync way?

This blog post title is pretty confusing - but if you get to read this blog post by Google, it actually makes sense. It's actually pretty cool. Not that I don't like callbacks or promises, but I can see this being useful in more complex examples. async function fetchDogPics(url) {   try {     //this looks synchronous but it isn't...     const response = await fetch(url);     await response.text();   } catch (err) {     console.log('failed', err);   } }

Enums in Javascript

Found this tiny library that implements Enums in JavaScript: npm install enumify

Babel syntax highlighting for Sublime 3

In case you are looking for an ES6 syntax highlighting in sublime, check the babel-sublime project. Here it is:  babel-sublime

Looking into ES6

I'm starting to look at ES6 and here's one post that I found useful for converting react.js components to ES6.

Gentle intro to maintaining CSS with Webpack

Found a gentle intro on how to maintain CSS with Webpack (targeted at React.js). Check it out !