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My first Apple product !

I finally bought my first Apple product. To be honest, I am not a real fan of Apple but that being said, their IPhone kicks ass!! I don't really want to get into a discussion on whether we should go for Apple products because this would sound similar to asking whether Windows is better than Linux or whether KDE is better than Gnome...

The IPhone I recently bought is my second smartphone. The first one was a Nokia N95 8GB, which was very comparable to the IPhone in terms of features. I have been using the N95 for 4-5 months, and the IPhone for only 3 or 4 days, and let me tell you that the IPhone is my best choice!

To be more fair, let say Nokia has features that the IPhone doesn't have (like 5MegaPixel camera, very good video recording), and the IPhone has .... the rest ! I encoutered some problems with the IPhone, though. I wanted to do some simple tasks but the IStore doesn't have the application (for free of course!) that can help me with that. For instance, think about these simple tasks:

1. Sync Iphone calendar application with Google Calendar
2. Read PDF offlines, Save PDF on IPhone for offline reading
3. Save YouTube videos for offline viewing.

On my N95, I can do these things very easily by downloading goosync, acrobat reader, and Mobitubia or E.M.Tube. On the IPhone, I couldn't find anything on the IStore that helped me do that until I heard about "jailbreaking" the IPhone. The idea is simple: Jailbreak allows you to install 3rd party applications that are not available on the IStore. How great is that !?!

I followed this blog:
and I started to like my IPhone a lot more!!!

1. I can sync my IPhone with Google Calendar the program NemusSync.
2. I can save YouTube videos with MxTube
3. I will eventually be able to read pdfs and store them ( I am still looking into this)

Once the IPhone was jailbreaked, I used Cydia to download these applications.

I also found from Cydia, I can install OpenSSH and tranfer files from my computer to the IPhone using the ssh protocol :)

Many more blogging to come about some cool things to do with the IPhone.


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