HTML5 Dev Conf

I just came back from the first HTML5 Dev Conf in San Francisco, which also happens to be my first ever conference. In summary: Lot's of exciting things should come out of HTML5 and the web in general. HTML5 has already been around for a few years it seems that only now we are realizing the powers of it :) There were around 1200 people at the conference. They had predicted 200!

There were many interesting talks, notably from Douglas Crockford and Steve Souders. However, one that caught my attention was the one by David Herman, a programming language propeller-head at Mozilla, about the future of JavaScript. He gave us an overview of the next standard : ECMA TC39 and presented some of the features that the language will implement. I thought it was nice to see that JavaScript will implement generators, like Python already does. I'm looking forward to see this. I won't go into the details of all the features that he presented, but if you are interested, his slides are available at

In the afternoon, Doris Chen delivered a talk on HTML5 features with emphasis on Canvas and SVG. This also impressed me, as I am still new to what HTML5 has to offer. Her presentation and blog is available at

In summary, I am really satisfied of this conference, and even more excited about HTML5 and more importantly, the future of the web. I hope that we will be able to continue to see improvements on the kind of technologies we build for the web and that we will be bright enough to cease an opportunity to build great things!

To this, Long live the web :)



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